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I'm finally graduating from The University of Akron! BOOYAH!


RIP The Old Disney Channel Logo 2002-2014

Good shows man! I miss these days!



No matter which country, as long as it’s a stage with EXO’s fans, wherever you want, I can be there. To let my face be close to yours, so I will be able to see you more clearly and to let you guys touch me, so you know that at that moment I really am in front…



how chanyeol kisses a girl

melissaelaineetheridge oh seckshi seckshi
xyankeexlakexgurlx can he do that to me please!



140713 Blue Night Radio

@squishyjinki: J: Orgel is based on horror fantasy concept. Man likes a woman too much so he made her into a wax figure and let her rotate in a music box.

melissaelaineetheridge …..wtf
xyankeexlakexgurlx …….. weird


Aaron’s 2014 Drama | 愛上兩個我 ♥ Fall in Love With Me

xiao lu and tao zi’s first romantic kiss (ep10) ◆gifs by dearaaronyan

Aaron for Heme



i had a dream that i was gettin ready to have sex with suho and i was like ‘i wanna ride you’ outta no where this fool smacks me in the head with a bible and looks me dead in the eyes and for a moment i swear i saw jesus christ and suho goes ‘no’

xyankeexlakexgurlx lmao

lol!!! This scene always makes me laugh!

 Kris moments that will make you go "Ugh" 凸(⊙▂⊙✖ 
(Kris' "Awww"-moments)


wtf does zico do that got every1 in the khh circles suckin his dick so hard does he bring the cool ranch doritos 2 their parties is he the cool ranch doritos guy

xyankeexlakexgurlx i am crying while laughing I don’t even….

this is how chanyeol looks like when he’s eating and laughing at the same time.. yep


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